A Beautiful World | Taking A Leap of Faith – Full Show
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Taking A Leap of Faith – Full Show

More About "Taking A Leap of Faith – Full Show"

Everyone’s hunting for treasure… but nobody’s idea of treasure is the same. Some seek riches and fame while others search for solitude and certainty. Join host Heather McElhatton on a search for Adventure, Expedition and the Hunt for Treasure, featuring Ann Bancroft, first woman to reach the North Pole by dogsled.

A Beautiful World is a pilot program presented by Heather McElhatton, Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media. The show explores news through stories you don’t normally hear stories about what’s working around the globe. A Beautiful World is performed in front of a live audience, in a fast-paced, mixed-media format. The program is hosted by best-selling author Heather McElhatton, whom listeners may know from her contributions to This American Life, Marketplace and MPR News.

Visit www.prettylittlemistakes.com for more stories, photos and strange collections.

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