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Tasting Sound

More About "Tasting Sound"

Heather McElhatton talks to James Wannerton, who has a neurological condition called “Lexical-Gustatory Synesthesia,” which allows him to taste sound. James Wannerton has Synesthesia, a condition where his senses are crossed.  To better explain his condition he mapped out the entire London Underground with stations and their corresponding flavors. James Wannerton has Synesthesia, a condition where his senses are crossed. He mapped out the entire London Tube, by what each station tastes like…Tottenham Court and Kensington Station become Jelly Tots and burnt bacon…the central line features Cauliflower stalks, chocolate biscuits, wet wool and ink. Also, you can finally find out what Benedict Cumberbatch tastes like. (it’s weird. )

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See enlarged map here:


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